Popcorn and personal stories at Area Meeting @ Doncaster Meeting House

The second of our ‘Full Day’ Area Meetings was a great success.

Doncaster Meeting House hosted a deeply spiritual connection between friends at our full day Area Meeting for business on Saturday July 11th.

This was a gathering for all ages with different input and activities around the theme of asylum.

Paul Fitzpatrick, of Doncaster meeting, was our keynote speaker and his talk explored how stories help introduce the human experience of seeking asylum and also the impact of negative language used about refugees and asylum seekers. He outlined the response from churches in Britain including Quakers and reflected on his own personal experience of developing relationships with people from other countries who are now living in Britain.

There were almost 30 attending the business meeting plus eight young people and addisional friends helping with the younger age groups. We also welcomed a family who attend Doncaster Meetings’ Conversation Club. This meant that fifty people shared a delicious lunch!

The afternoon offered different activities in which to reflect on our theme and learn and share with each other. We shared personal stories, created passports, discussed human rights and created reflective artwork. Perhaps one of our most surprising moments was when we were asked to share ‘popcorn’ Quaker worship that involved rapid, one word offerings on the theme of home. Our young people treated us to some inspired drama on the theme of ‘difference’.

Our closing minute offered: ‘We are glad of our time meeting together as an all age community and give thanks to all those Friends who contributed to making our time together so enriching. We look forward to meeting again on 13 September at 1.15 at Sheffield Central QMH.’

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