Quakers and Boomerangs: Local history

Proposed new project to research the fascinating story of Quakers in our area.

Many of you may already know that the famous artist, Ruskin, established a museum for the people of Sheffield in Walkley in 1855. You may not know that its first curator, Henry Swann, was a Quaker. Swann was a vegetarian and one of the first people to introduce the bicycle into this country. He also tried (without success) to popularise a new athletic exercise of boomerang throwing.

Swann is just one of a fascinating line of local Quakers about whom most of us know very little. However, we do have extensive Quaker archives – in our own meeting house and in local libraries. One Sheffield Quaker is currently wondering whether any Friends would be interested in setting up a group to research the fascinating story of Quakers in the area.

This might result in a publication and/or a series of exhibitions which would make useful outreach material. Maybe this proposed project could also incorporate some of the research which Friends have recently undertaken into conscientious objection in Sheffield?
It’s not likely that anyone else, other than Quakers, would embark on such a study. If you think you might be interested, do ask for further details at the Meeting House office, eg by email. office@heffieldquakers.org.uk

This project is being advertised in our latest printed newsletter but we never give personal details of individuals, such as names and email addresses on this website.