Funding for Quaker Outreach Work

Maybe you could obtain some funds to help run your outreach event?


Do you know that funds may be available from Quakers in Yorkshire for outreach events?

The Quakers in Yorkshire (QIY) Outreach Projects Committee (OPC) was set up in 2013 to promote outreach, to receive grant applications and to provide funding assistance. Accountable to the QIY Trustees, the OPC comprises one representative nominated by each of the area meetings in Yorkshire and a Clerk/Convenor nominated by the committee in consultation with the QIY Nominations Committee. All these Friends are appointed by Quakers in Yorkshire. The role of the Area Meeting Representative is to make Friends in their area aware of this fund and to advise on the application process.

This guidance is available to any Friend or Attender within the area covered by Quakers in Yorkshire.

The completed Application Form should be sent to: Annabel May Webb who is the Clerk of the Outreach Projects Committee, Quakers in Yorkshire – for her email address please contact Kathleen Wallace, Area Meeting Rep for OPC.

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