Opportunities for Outreach during the next few months

Sheffield Quakers hope to have a presence at various community events and festivals over the next few months…


Sheffield Central Quakers hope to have a small stall at the Pride event at Endcliffe Park on Saturday 2nd June. Also, looking further ahead…

Nether Edge Quakers are intending to have a presence at some local festivals and markets. We will have leaflets and posters to inform the public about Quakers, including details of both Nether Edge and Central meetings. We also hope to have fair trade goods to sell. Dates for some of these events are….

1. 14 July 11am – 4 pm Banner Cross Family festival

2. 12 August possible Low Edges festival, though there may be an issue of this clashing with the Olympics.

3. 23rd Sept 12 – 4pm Nether Edge Farmers’ Market

4. 7th Oct 12 – 4pm Sharrow Vale Market

Help on the stalls for an hour or two would be very welcome. We also have yet to find a suitable Gazebo.

If you would like to help or to know more, please click below….

click here to request more details.

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