New Quaker daytime weekly meditation

A new Quaker weekly daytime meditation group will be held in the Meeting House library.

New Quaker daytime weekly meditation

Experiment with Light
All welcome
Monday 12 noon to 1 pm
Meeting House Library

We will meet at 12:00 and settle down. The guided meditation will start at 12:15. It will last approximately 30 minutes from 12:15 to 12:45. We will then finish with a period of Quakerly reflection. You are free to leave at 1 o’clock — or stay and chat. There will be no fee for this event.

Experiment with Light is a Quaker practice which is based on early Friends’ discoveries. It was devised in 1996 by Quaker and theologian Rex Ambler following his study of early Friends’ writings. The process is enhanced by the use of a technique known as ‘Focusing’, a process developed by psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin in collaboration with psychologist Carl Rogers.

Although the Experiment with Light can be practised alone, there is great benefit in the group experience: trust grows as the group learns to share its experiences. Early Friends found this experience of opening to the Light in groups led to great love between them and enabled them to support each other unconditionally during times of great hardship. Everyone is welcome.

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