Minutes of Sheffield and Balby Area Meeting

For the minutes of Sheffield and Balby Area Meeting held at Nether Edge on Saturday 26th November at Nether Edge click link below. Please note dates of Area Meetings for 2017

Sunday January 15th Nether Edge 1.15
Sunday March 12th Sheffield Central All ages worship 10.30 AM 1.15
Sunday May 14th Balby (Doncaster) 1.15
Saturday July 15th Hope Valley 10.45
Sunday September 10th Sheffield Central 1.15
Saturday November 11th Balby (Doncaster) 10.30

Notices 27th November

Diary dates
There will be a Sheffield Quaker Tapestry workshop on Wednesday 30th November at 2pm at the Meeting House.This is open to anyone who would like to come. You can work on your own practice piece, practice a few stitches, put some stitches in the actual tapestry or just come to see what we are doing. Margaret will also be working on the tapestry after meeting today so go and put a stitch or two in or just go and have a look.If you would like to get more involved and can’t manage the Wednesday workshop or would like to have more information have a word with Margaret.

Don't Forget: All Day Area Meeting: Sat. 26th Nov. 10am-4pm Nether Edge

Hello Friends,

What joy! It’s Area Meeting on Saturday!

Your chance to meet with Friends from other meetings and engage with wider Quaker concerns.

Sing In The Season: Sat. 10th Dec. 4-7pm QMH

From our friend Irene Pugh

Saturday 10th December – Sing in the Season – 4.00 until 7.00

A community event of singing and music making. Community singing of Quaker and other favourites of the season and the place. Musicians of all ages who are willing to entertain for a few minutes are very welcome. But this is also for anyone who just likes a good sing. Come and lift your voice.

Overseers will provide baked potatoes and simple fillings. Other offerings welcome but not obligatory.

Have your contact details changed

I am getting ready to prepare the new list of members and attenders. If your details ie name, address, telephone number, email have changed since last year or if they were incorrect in the last list of members and attenders. Please let me know. faith.rodger@gmail.com If you are unsure of what detals were in also contact me. If your details hve not been in the list of members and attenders it may be because you have not filled in a data protection form, in which case please speak to Margaret Edmonds, Janet Hawkesworth or your overseer.
Thank you
Faith Rodger

Houseman's Peace Diaries

I have two 2017 Housemans Peace Diaries left over from the Peace and Craft Fair. They are £8.99 each. If anyone would like one please contact me margaret.k.lawson@gmail.com

Simple Quiet Days at Whirlow Spirituality Centre: Tues Nov 15th and monthly

From our friend Linda Hoy.

Simple Quiet Days are intended to provide you with the space to ‘be’ before God; to relax, reflect and pray, and so to renew your spiritual resources. The space available will be quiet and honouring of your quiet.

The day begins at 9.45am (with a Reflective Eucharist) and closes at 3.45pm. The programme for the day is kept very simple to provide maximum space for you – our hope is that you will use what is offered in so far as it is helpful to you.

The next Simple Quiet Day is on Tuesday 15th November. Cost is £12 to be paid in advance.

Earth & Economy Newsletter October 2016

The latest edition of Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) Earth and Economy newsletter is out.

In this edition, we hear about investing in the new economy, a new toolkit for action, and what Brexit could mean for UK trade policy.

You can read all the articles from here:
Investing in the new economy

Toolkit for action

Your faith, your finance – new workshop resources