Threshing meeting on our Meeting House and Business: Sun 1st April


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Our Meeting for Worship for Business on Sunday 1st April will consist mainly of a ‘Threshing Meeting’ to consider the future of the lettings business in our Meeting house, and how we want the Meeting House to be used and paid for, without the need to arrive at any decisions. Notes on our financial situation and possible future options put forward by Management Committee may be found here:

Living Witness Workshop - Advice and Query follow up Sun 25th mar

After a bring and share ‘low carbon lunch’ – bring food as far as possible, local, organic, seasonal, home made and fair trade as appropriate – there will be our monthly Living Witness workshop:

A follow up to the January session on creating an Advice and Query to inspire our living witness towards being a sustainable community.

Sheffield and Balby Bulletin March 2012

Click here for the March edition of Sheffield and Balby Bulletin:

There is a text only version here:

SQN March 2012


Sheffield Quaker News for March 2012 can be found here:

plain text version here:

SQN and BB are now delivered through the website, with a link rather than as an attachment. If you have any problmes accessing the doucment, pleas let me know at

Area Meeting for Worship for Business, Sun 11th Mar, Sheffield


The Area Meeting for Worship for Business is in Sheffield this Sunday, 11th March at 1:15pm at the Meeting House after a shared lunch.
Draft agenda Here:

Not been to a Meeting for Worship for Business before? You are most welcome, but please contact the clerks: Digby Swift ( or Kate Napier ( to get an idea of what is expected.

Wonder how Quakers make decisions in a spirit of worship without voting?

Art and culture events by Quakers

This Saturday

10th March 12.30 to 3.00 at the Quaker Meeting House-
Art Group with Deborah showing how to make jewellery. Anyone who wants to do
their own thing is also very welcome.


Marion Haywood and Simon Heywood are running a short introductory storytelling workshop on Sunday 22nd April, 2 – 4pm, in the Meeting House after the shared lunch. It should be very gentle. All are welcome to attend.
Find out about Simon here:

The Bob Hall Show:

Hilary and Bob Hall will be performing at Coal Aston Village Hall

Occupy outside the Town Hall; 6.30pm Friday 10th March

Please join us at 6.30pm this Friday (9th) outside the Town Hall to show our support for Occupy and see Occupy in action.

At February BM Sheffield Quakers set up an Equality and Social Justice Group. Part of the brief was to support Sheffield Occupy. They are planning a gathering this Friday outside the Town Hall. There are more details of our group on our website at
and in this months newsletter due out next week.

Equality and Justice for the whole world:

News and Notices March 4th

Click here for notices for Sunday 4th March.

Meeting For Worship For Business, Sunday 4th March. Minutes here:

Launch of Sheffield Quakers Equality and Justice Group.

Click here for an invitation to get involved and read the story of Occupy Sheffield

Think the NHS bill is wrong?