Walking In Sheffield; Sat 14th April, 10am


Join me and Zelly the dog for a walk from Fox House to Totley on Saturday 14th April.

Meet at 10am at the bus stop opposite and above the Fox House Inn on the Hathersage Road, bus stop 23413. Bus 65 to Buxton due 9:50, leaves the bus station at 9:25.

Distance 3 miles/5km – all downhill.

Route here: http://g.co/maps/f3bkp

We hope to have a picnic breakfast on the moors, enjoying the fabulous views accross Sheffield, and then lunch afterwards in Totley.

If you want to come, contact Gordon Ferguson (0114) 268 6458, gordon.ferguson@phonecoop.coop.

Hoax email from Denise Cann

Dear Friends,

You may have received an email from Denise Cann of Doncaster Meeting with subject “Emergency please; need your help.” saying that she is in Spain and in dire need of funds.

This is a hoax. Please ignore it.

Denise asks me to say she is not in Spain, has not been mugged, and does not need thousands of pounds. She also asks me to say that she has washed her mobile phone (I presume accidentally) and so cannot take your calls on it – but she is here, She’s OK, and as soon as her communications are reinstated she will be able to speak to us again.

News and Notices for 25th March

Click here for notices for 25th march:


Our friend Jean Wildgoose is due to go into hospital for an operation next Saturday, 31st march. She’d like you to know and ‘hold her in the light’

Warning: People are now being fined £80 if they park in the office car park across from the Meeting House.

To particpate in the government consultation on equal civil marriages for same sex couples, click here:

SQN and BB 2012


As a result of improved security on the Sheffield Quakers website, you can no longer access the copies of SQN and BB that were linked to rather than attached.

In case you missed any, or are relying on accessing the online copy, here are all the new links for SQN and BB so far this year:

Threshing meeting on our Meeting House and Business: Sun 1st April


Apologies if you did not get this before security improvements were made to the website last Thursday which prevented you from viewing the document.
This version should work for you.

Our Meeting for Worship for Business on Sunday 1st April will consist mainly of a ‘Threshing Meeting’ to consider the future of the lettings business in our Meeting house, and how we want the Meeting House to be used and paid for, without the need to arrive at any decisions. Notes on our financial situation and possible future options put forward by Management Committee may be found here:




Community Branch public meeting.
Wednesday 21st of March.
Sheffield Quaker meeting house S1 2EW 6.30pm
ARE YOU Unemployed, a Pensioner, a Disabled person, Student, a stay at home mum/dad, a volunteer,
or Community activist?

Unite’s mission is to organise people to strive for a society that places equality, dignity and respect above all else. But our union recognises that we can only achieve this if we bring people together from all walks of life.