Living Witness Link Group 5-7 October: Supporting Spiritual Community

Dear Friends

Living Witness Link Group 5-7 October: Supporting Spiritual Community

Our Link Group offers the opportunity to spend time with other Friends working for a sustainability witness in their meetings, to get to know one another and learn from our experience. Our next gathering will focus on supporting spiritual community in our meetings. This was the focus of our Summer School in August and is perhaps the most important and the most challenging aspect of our yearly meeting commitment to become a low carbon sustainable community. Where do we find the spiritual and psychological underpinnings for working with the immense challenge of climate change and the conflict, fear, denial and despair it can engender in us? What can we draw from our Quaker experience and what could we be sharing with non-Quakers?

The gathering is at the Quaker Community, Bamford, starting with supper at about 18.30 on Friday 5th October and finishing with lunch on Sunday 7th October. As usual we’ll develop our sense of community as a Link Group, worshipping, cooking and eating together. On the Friday evening we’ll share news of developments in our meetings and in Britain Yearly Meeting. On the Saturday we’ll focus on the ways we can facilitate and support Friends in our meetings developing spiritual community with a focus on sustainability. On the Sunday morning we will look at next steps in taking our sustainability witness forward.

All are welcome. The cost of attending is £90. Bursary help is available but please do seek support from your meeting first. Please complete the attached registration form and return it to me if you’d like to attend.

Do pass this e-mail on to anyone else in your meeting who might be intersted.

In peace


Laurie Michaelis
Quaker Community
Water Lane
Hope Valley
S33 0DA

01433 659329