Area Meeting for Worship for Business, Sun 9th Sept, Doncaster


The Area Meeting for Worship for Business for September is at Doncaster Meeting House on Sunday 9th September at 1.15pm. A light soup lunch will be available beforehand; friends are welcome to bring their own sandwiches if they wish.

Draft Agenda

1. Introductions
2. World Conference of Friends
3. Junior Yearly Meeting
4. Nominations
5. Appointments
6. HMP Lindholme, Hatfield and Moorlands
7. Quakers in Yorkshire
8. Dates for Meetings in 2013
9. Membership Matters
10. Correspondence
11. Next Meeting

You can catch the 12:11 train after Meeting for Worship in Sheffield, or you can attend Meeting for Worship at Doncaster by catching the 9.52 train and arriving a few minutes late, or the 8.45 train and having plenty of time. Around 30 minutes train travel time, £5.70 return.
Click here for directions from the station to Doncaster Meeting House:

Not been to a Meeting for Worship for Business before? You are most welcome, but please contact the clerks: Digby Swift ( or Kate Napier ( to get an idea of what is expected.

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