Part time job offer helping elderly person

From our friend Karen Buckley (

Is anybody, male or female, interested in a part time job, running from the beginning of September to the end of December? It’s to work on Tuesdays and Fridays, from about 9am to 5pm; looking after the mother of a friend, who will be coming to stay in Sheffield with one of her daughters, during that period. She’s a bright woman but tends to be repetitive in her questioning; she has a visual impairment brought on in old age. She doesn’t need help with personal care but would need her meals making and likes company. Steve Loader supported her during her last year and they got on really well.Her daughter will pay £60.00 a day but more if you have a car and can take her mother out into Derbyshire, which she loves!

If you’re interested, please ring Maggie Young, asap, on: 07780561477/ 0114 2205036.


Karen Buckley