Opportunity to learn how to use our website - Sun 19th August

A not to be missed opportunity … our website designer, Mark, is going to offer an informal training session on Sunday 19th August, at 12 – 2pm, for a small group of Friends. He will offer:

an overview of how the website works
Q and A session on anything we need
input, tailored to our needs, on how we can make best use of the website
focus on adding content, eg pictures, documents etc
using the menu system

He is offering this to us, at no cost, as he has enjoyed building our site, wants to help us get the best out of it and is very much in sympathy with our Quaker beliefs and ways. If you would like to attend or to learn more, please contact Laura Kerr, ljkerrsheff@gmail.com

This would be a great chance for people in formal roles in the meeting (eg within the Children & Young Peoples’ work group, or Elders, Overseers, etc…) to explore how the website can work for them. But if you are not in one of those kind of roles at the moment, but still fancy coming along, please get in touch.