You are invited to a calm interlude; Fridays at 10am

You are invited to a calm interlude

Experiment with Light meditation
Every Friday at 10:00 am
All welcome
No experience necessary
Meeting House library
We start the meditation at 10:20 am
Reflection 11:00 to 11:15
Tea 11:15 am

Here are some comments from people who have practised the Light meditation with us:

‘It helps me focus on my feelings.’

‘I find Experiment with Light helps in identifying any particular issue or area of concern in my mind or on my heart – one I may not even have been aware of – and literally ‘throwing light upon’ and illuminating a way forward with this.’

‘It is an experiment – an experiment with Light, with Truth, with Bliss.’

‘I felt settled, at peace, calm, and the meditation afforded me an opportunity for introspection and reflection on my thought patterns.’

‘As I get better at meditation, as I feel more comfortable sitting quietly.’

‘I find that my mind becomes more stable.’

‘It helps me connect with inner light and gain insight into how to move forward in my life.’

‘I feel a lot more connected to the present moment.’

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

This proverbial saying was first spoken in public by Peter Benenson, the English lawyer and founder of Amnesty International, at a Human Rights Day ceremony on 10th December 1961. The candle circled by barbed wire has since become the society’s emblem.