News of Dave Feickert

From our friend Dave Feickert:

In life, good health news needs to be communicated, as I see it, to help others and to provide feedback for those holding me in the light. Keep holding!.

I have been taking Chinese traditional medicine for one year now and it seems to be working. I have also had two targeted chemo sessions.

I had a session with the Liver team in Auckland last week on the results of my latest MRI scan. In a nutshell, the four tumours in one part of my liver seem to have been ‘sleeping’ since November 2011. They had shown a little growth between November and the previous May, compared with the six months before that, back into 2010.

In another part of my liver – the oldest tumour site (from 2005) there has been a little more growth since February 2012.

My leading Auckland liver specialist says the targeted chemo I had on two large tumours is ‘working’. He did not discuss the others. Dr Li in Beijing will say (I can hear him now) ‘I think we have been helping to get you balanced.’ As I am in both systems it is quite funny to see how they each explain what they do not necessarily understand!

Liver cancer, as is known, is very hard to deal with.

But I feel well, know that the TCM is boosting my immune system and am thankful that some measure of control has come into play, especially thanks to my partner Jing who is a constant support!

I am not out of the woods yet. But I can see the forest and its trees, with the uplands coming into view from time to time!

Go well,