News from Double Joy

Attached is the latest newsletter from Double Joy in Kenya.

Also here are two letters from children at Double Joy:

To all at Sheffield Quakers,
Greetings are coming to you with lots of love hoping that you are fine and doing well. We are also fine and doing well here at Double Joy. My name is Andrew Otieno Onyango. I am 14 years old and have 2 brothers, Kevin and Mark and a sister called Phanice.
We are experiencing heavy rains and thank God for that. We are also very happy because we have received some new children and the children are happy to be in Double Joy. Double Joy is a very wonderful place and that is what the new children talk about. We have already started our holiday with various activities like carpentry, debate, tailoring, drama, farming and others.
We will celebrate two special holidays during this holiday. These are Jamhuri (independence) day on 12th December and Christmas day.
Lastly we are thanking the lord for enabling you to help us a lot. The money you’ve sent us will help us a lot eg buying books and taking children to school. We also thank God for giving kind hearts of helping the needy. May God bless you. Goodbye
From Your Loving Friend
Andrew Otieno Onyango

Hello! Greetings are coming to you hoping to find you in good health. My name is Pamela Akoth. I am 14 years old and working extra hard in order to fulfil my dreams for the future. I hope that you are fine together with your friends and family members. We. are now in December holidays and we are enjoying time with our friends and brothers and sisters. Here at Double Joy we all stay as brothers and sisters and we share wat little we have together. We are receiving heavy rains and will soon plant vegetables in our demonstration plots. The farmers are also working hard digging their gardens.
We are very thankful for the support you are always giving us and we also thank you for donations that you always send us.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.
Pamela Akoth Omondi

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