John Macmurray Discussion Group: Thur. 15th Dec. 11am-1pm

The John Macmurray discussion group will study the essay by Gordon Ferguson in Friends Quartery Issue thee 2016 (Summer, purple cover), on ‘Knowing’:

“practical engagement with the world makes us aware of its otherness and to maintain objectivity in our approach in order to fully appreciate the things with which we work.”

The essay draws on Macmurray’s theory of knowledge (epistemology) to argue that if we change our approach to knowledge from something that we posses to something that we do then we can see that there are three ways of knowing – ‘knowing about’, knowing how’ and ‘knowing with’. The third, ‘knowing with’, cannot be possessed but has to be shared with the other. From this approach we can gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in Meeting for Worship for Business when we ‘seek to know God’s will’.

Friends Quarterly is available in the Meeting House library, but for those who wish to attend the meeting on 15th December, a copy can be sent to you so that you can print it out for personal study – please reply to this email if you would like to attend.