Bamford Quaker Community Woodland Working Week: 7-11th Nov.

From the Quaker Community Water Lane, Bamford, S33 0DA

WOODLAND WORKING WEEK on 7 -11th November

Greetings from us all at the Community.

This is to let you know we have room and a hearty welcome waiting for you this year. We would like to encourage you to join us and help with the stewardship of the Community’s woodland and share in the harvest.

Every year, as well as filling the wood sheds, we try to advance our management plan for the woodland and gardens. This seeks to maintain and extend habitat for the plant, animal and invertebrate communities on our land as well as improving the environment for our human one.

This year we have the tree surgeons visiting to thin the crowns of the copper beeches, maples and oaks so as to let in more light, and to fell ash and sycamore for the woodstoves. All the logs and brash will need processing! We hope to complete laying the hedge along the public footpath by the side of the Main House. We need to thin out the scrub regrowth and reduce the hedges around the vegetable gardens and camping meadow. We will continue coppicing the hazels and harvest some of the willow we cut back last year. We also hope to guide you in the use of various hand tools and techniques for managing your own grounds/gardens.

We also have a new project; at this year’s Family Summer Camp we began planning the construction of a ‘Bronze Age’ Round House in the woods and started clearing the site. The next stage is to cut some alder posts to make a platform and choose some ash poles…

· Cutting and splitting logs for the wood-shed
· Dragging out brash and feeding the chipper
· Laying the hedge
· Mending paths
· Coppicing the hazels
· Harvesting the willow for weaving
· Cutting alder posts for the next stage construction of the Round House in the woods
· Let more light into the house & the vegetable gardens
· Clear back the scrub regrowth around the camping meadows

Even if all these healthy outdoor activities seem daunting we welcome you anyway, perhaps to help with the crew food or just to participate in our evening discussion sessions. Please ring 01433650085 or email for a booking form from, or visit

Looking forward to seeing you,

Jinny, Valda and all at the Quaker Community