John Macmurray Annual Seminar on fear and reciprocity: York, Sat Oct. 15th 10am-4pm

The annual seminar on the work of the Quaker philosopher John Macmurray will be on Saturday 15th October at York St. John University, 10am-4pm.

This year we are looking at fear and reciprocity, major themes in Macmurray’s work and very relevant today as we are confronted by so much to be fearful about and so risk becoming cautious of responding to others.

“all personal consciousness is problematic; so that the consciousness of the common life is ipso facto a consciousness that it may or may not be realized in action. It is the consciousness that hostility may take the place of fellowship, and the unity be broken. This will happen if personal relations become negatively motived, if fear of the others replaces love for the others. Thus the problem of community is the problem of overcoming fear and subordinating the negative to the positive in the motivation of persons in relation.” ‘Persons In Relation’, 1961 p161

Cost £30 (£14 concessions) including refreshments and lunch.

For more details and to book visit: or reply to this email.