Notices, 25th September

It’s our Local meeting for Worship for Business next Sunday, 2nd October. Please get any agenda items to the Clerks as soon as you are able to. All are welcome to attend the business meeting.

High Flatts Meeting, near Huddersfield, are holding an Experiment with Light:Deepening the Practice workshop on Saturday 8th October. There’s a notice on the board about this.

Also on Saturday 8th October, Shena Moore and Richard Hoare are getting married, here at the Meeting House at 2 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend – it would be helpful if you could let the Children’s Work Committee know if you are bringing children and young people with you so that provision can be made.

Nether Edge Friends will be hosting a joint meeting with St Andrews Psalter Lane church on Sunday 9th October . This happened last year and was very successful. Quite a good number of the church congregation attended, so it is EXTREMELY HELPFUL to have a few extra ‘experienced Quakers’ to support Nether Edge Friends.About 5 or 6 of us went last year and it was very interesting and a rewarding experience of sharing worship with other Christians. The meeting is at 10.30, in Shirley House, right next door to the Church.

October 9th – The Sheffield Quaker Tapestry is ready to launch. The design group have been at work and now we have started to bring the design through on to the front so it is time to think about doing the rest of the sewing. We will show the workshop DVD after meeting on Sunday the 9th and follow it with a shared lunch when we will discuss which part of the embroidery some people might like to do. If you can’t make that Sunday but would like to see the film it will be available to borrow afterwards. Let Faith or Margaret know. They will bring the tapestry to meeting on subsequent Sunday’s during the next  year when they hope as many people as possible will do at least one or two stitches. If you do have any questions speak to Faith or Margaret.

Mini-Festival of Radicalism
Friends may have heard little bits of information about a weekend of events that we are putting on as a Meeting in conjunction with Journeyman Theatre and The Friends Historical Society, as part of the Off The Shelf festival. The events are public, so please encourage lots of people to come along. We will also need a bit of help in the organising and hosting. Please sign-up on the sheets outside to give us an indication of numbers planning to come
The weekend starts with a play called ‘Feeding the Darkness’ at 7 p.m. On Friday, 14th October. During the day on Saturday, the Friends Historical Society will have their usual meeting (which is open to everybody interested and looks at Quaker research that is being done). At 3 p.m., David Boulton will give a public lecture: “Christ’s Banner and the Red Flag”. This will be followed by the Journeyman Theatre’s ‘Red Flag over Bermondsey’ – a celebration of the life and work of Ada Salter. We really hope that as many Friends will get involved as possible.
Another Off the Shelf event being held here is a talk by Andrea Needham called The Hammer Blow, about how a group of women disabled a war plan. This is being organised by Sheffield Creative Action for Peace on Tuesday, 18th October from 7 – 9 p.m.

**Sheffield Climate Alliance* is organising an Ethical Money Marketplace on Thursday 13 October from 6.30pm at St Andrew’s Church on Psalter Lane. The aim is to provide you with the information and opportunity to invest, save and spend your money ethically and sustainably. The event is focused on positive things you can do and choices you can make. Organisations with a strong sustainable or ethical position have been invited. So far stalls have been booked by, amongst others, Sheffield Renewables, Eco-tricity, Ethical Consumer and Shareaction (formerly Fair Pensions) and a local ethical financial adviser.

This consultation, part of the spiritual review, is still ongoing. Please respond this week, using the letter that has been distributed, or speak directly with the Children & Young People’s Work Committee: We are Mark Lallemand, Sian Lewis, Helen Griffen, Jayne Herrick, Tanya Wells, Noelle Ward and Rosie Roberts (our contact details are in the Book).

On Saturday 5th November there will be a ‘First Aid for baby and child’ course run by the British Red Cross. The course covers first aid for children from 0 to 8 years. It will be held at the Meeting House from 10am – 2.30pm (with a break for lunch). The course has been arranged by the CYPWC but as it is designed for parents, grandparents, babysitters and carers for children, we feel that many others at Sheffield Meeting may be interested in gaining the knowledge and the skills involved. We would be asking for a contribution from attendees of between £5 and £20, which makes the course considerably cheaper than the usual cost of such training. Please could anyone who would like to sign up or know more about it (including those who have expressed an interest previously) contact Jayne Herrick or any of the CYPWC committee members.