Notices, Sunday 18th September

Diary dates
This Thursday, 22nd September at 4 p.m., it’s the AGM of Ben’s Centre. All are welcome.

Also this Thursday, in Huddersfield, an Israeli woman called Sahar Vardi will be talking about Israel / Palestine from 7.30. Sahar refused her military service in 2008 and since then has been working with peace groups in Jerusalem. She is currently working for American Friends Service Committee – the equivalent of our QPSW. Information has been circulated by email, but do see the clerks if you can’t access this.

There’s a Living Witness weekend out at the Quaker Community at Bamford from 7 – 9 October. Living Witness is the group that works with local meetings to encourage thinking and practical nonviolent action on climate change and environmental issues. Information has been circulated by email, again.

Mini-Festival of Radicalism
Friends may have heard little bits of information about a weekend of events that we are putting on as a Meeting in conjunction with Journeyman Theatre and The Friends Historical Society, as part of the Off The Shelf festival. The events are public, so please encourage lots of people to come along. We will also need a bit of help in the organising and hosting. Please sign-up on the sheets outside to give us an indication of numbers planning to come
The weekend starts with a play called ‘Feeding the Darkness’ at 7 p.m. On Friday, 14th October. During the day on saturday, the Friends Historical Society will have their usual meeting (which is open to everybody interested and looks at Quaker research that is being done). At 3 p.m., David Boulton will give a public lecture: “Christ’s Banner and the Red Flag”. This will be followed by the Journeyman Theatre’s ‘Red Flag over Bermondsey’ – a celebration of the life and work of Ada Salter.
We really hope that as many Friends will get involved as possible.

Another Off the Shelf event being held here is a talk by Andrea Needham called The Hammer Blow, about how a group of women disabled a war plan. This is being organised by Sheffield Creative Action for Peace on Tuesday, 18th October from 7 – 9 p.m.

As part of the Spiritual Review, Children and Young People’s Work Committee are hoping to consult everyone about all age worship. We are doing this now, so that we can be supported by the meeting to find the way forward with these Meetings for Worship. If you haven’t already let us know what you think, please could you take an ALL AGE WORSHIP CONSULTATION letter from the table, and either return it to the eye-catching box just outside; or contact one of us to let us know what you think?
We are Mark Lallemand, Sian Lewis, Helen Griffen, Jayne Herrick, Tanya Wells, Noelle Ward and Rosie Roberts (our contact details are in the Book).