Double Joy Fund-raiser - Sat. 10th Sept. 6-10pm

Double Joy Fundraiser on Saturday 10th September, 6pm until 10pm at Sheffield Central Quaker Meeting House. Free entry.

Our very talented Naomi and Donald will be treating us to their gorgeous bluesy melodies. You will have a chance to offer your skills and talents to fellow friends in a mini auction. (eg offers to bake a cake, lesson in map reading, write a poem….)

And… Gordon and “Horace the Horse” will be very bravely shaving/waxing their hairy legs for Double Joy.

Please sponsor them at and cheer them on the night.

Please bring food to share and invite friends.

Find out about Double Joy here:
“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.” (Swedish proverb)

HIV/AIDS impacts far beyond prematurely taking the lives of its victims by blighting the futures of dependent children (and sometimes elderly parents too). Double Joy’s mission is to help some of these people pick up the pieces and survive more meaningfully.