Notices 31st July 2016

Children and young people
Just a reminder that during August there is no formal provision for children and young people over the summer holiday; though parents and carers are welcome to use the resources downstairs with their children during Meeting for Worship.

Double Joy sale will be on next Sunday, 7th August after Meeting for Worship. Double Joy is running short of funds this month, so please let Chrissie Hinde know if you can help in any way.

There is no local business meeting next Sunday.

It’s also the Annual Remembrance Day and peace picnic next Sunday 7th August to mark Hiroshima day. Meet in the Meersbrook Park walled garden between 2pm & 5pm. Fliers on table for more details.

Just a quick reminder to please let Rosie Carnall know if you are able to attend her and Tim Relton’s wedding celebration on Saturday 13th August.

Also a reminder about signing up and turning up to help clean the Meeting House – there’s still a sign-up sheet outside for us to use.

Free on-line Quaker History course: we’ve received information about this free on-line course starting in October. The title is “Radical Spirituality: the Early History of Quakers”. We’ll send more information around by email on the list, but do ask if you would like help accessing it. (