Free online course about money and society - August 21st for 4 weeks

From our friend Gordon Ferguson.
In the spring I went on an online course called ‘Money and Society’, which I found extremely valuable in helping me get my head round how money and society interact and so enable me to understand better what the problems are and how to make it work better.

The course is being repeated this autumn, starting on August 21st, for four weeks, and requires around five hours work each week. You can find out all about it and enrol from here:

The course is ran by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability of the University of Cumbria. Although the course is at masters level, you do not need to be academically disciplined to get value from it. The course tutors make this comment:

“Is world peace possible when the very lifeblood of our society, money, is created to finance resource extraction, property bubbles and war? In just 16 learning hours, the Money and Society MOOC will bring you new perspectives on how the world really works.”

This indeed was my experience. If you want to find out more about the content and what it was like to do the course, reply to this email or talk to Gordon Ferguson.