Open meeting: Possible L'Arche community in Sheffield

A small group of Quakers has been considering whether we might be able to form the starting ‘seed group’, which is the first stage of the establishment of a L’Arche community. There is nothing like it in or near Sheffield. The nearest one is Manchester. We will be having a meeting on

Monday 11th July, 7.30 – 9.00pm, at the meeting house

The following website gives some idea of what communities there are in other parts of UK.

Essentially, they are a form of community living for adults with learning difficulties, based on a spiritual ethos.
Our monthly appeal in May was for L’Arche, so many Friends heard more about it then. We hope to form an ecumenical group with members from other churches/faith communities in the city, which could steadily progress the idea. It would not be a strictly Quaker project.

This will be an open meeting to air ideas, ask and answer questions and learn more. Everyone is very welcome.