An opportunity to volunteer with CRESST

An opportunity to volunteer with CRESST
(Conflict Resolution Education in Sheffield Schools Training)

Most of CRESST’s funding comes from charitable trusts and foundations. A small group of CRESST trustees and staff work tirelessly putting in applications for funding. They are very good at it and have a very impressive “hit rate” of successful applications. But it’s a lot of work and they could do with some help. Chris Love did some great work putting in applications to lots of small trusts (many of them Quaker). She was extremely effective and the group really misses her since she and Roy moved to Hartrigg Oaks. So the group is looking for a new fundraising volunteer.

If you have fundraising experience and would be interested in helping CRESST with this, then that would be great. If you don’t have that experience but think you might have the aptitude, then that would also be marvellous. Writing a good funding application involves:
writing clearly and concisely
being able to understand and explain the different services CRESST provides
understanding the specific requirements of the funder you are applying to
being organised about keeping information.

If you are or were good at doing job applications or answering exam questions, then you will probably be good at fundraising. It’s all about knowing what they are asking for and making sure they get what they want.

CRESST would provide training and support and apart from attending a monthly funding group meeting you could work wherever or whenever you wanted.

If you think you might be interested please talk to Gillian Hind or contact the CRESST office – 0114 241 2745.