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  • Killing machines R us. Protest at DSEI arms fair.
    29 Sep 2015
    Heather Hunt , attender at Sheffield Central meeting, donned a corporate suit and posed as an Israeli arms dealer on the first day of action to stop the London based arms fair on Monday September 7th. This day was to highlight and protest about the Israel and UK two way arms trade . Heather is part of Sheffield Creative Action for Peace (SCRAP) and talks about her motivation and the day of action.
  • Our faith in the future
    22 Sep 2015
    Meeting for Sufferings has offered a new Long Term Framework for Britain Yearly Meeting (below). This short document, called 'Our faith in the future', replaces the previous 'Framework for Action 2009-2014'. It aims to offer a 'guide to discernment' for all of our local and area meetings, as well as our centrally managed work.
  • Popcorn and personal stories at Area Meeting @ Doncaster Meeting House
    5 Aug 2015
    The second of our 'Full Day' Area Meetings was a great success.
  • Quaker Faith Advisor Report
    5 Aug 2015
    A Report from the Quaker Faith Advisor about work at Sheffield Hallam University
  • Sunday Morning Office Cover
    5 Aug 2015
    Are there any Friends who would like to supplement the cover for the Office on a Sunday morning?
  • Film about Edward Snowden
    26 Jun 2015
    Quakers might be interested in this film screening in Bradford, exploring the activities of Edward Snowden.
  • News from the Quaker Community at Bamford
    10 Jun 2015
    A Newsletter from our friends in the Bamford Community
  • Request for help from the Sunday Centre, Victoria Methodist Church
    10 Jun 2015
    An organisation offering a safe, social space on a Sunday for homeless and other vulnerable people
    30 May 2015
    See link for the May 2015 Woodbrooke News letter.
  • Walk for Palestine
    30 May 2015
    Our friend Heather Hunt has just returned from a 7 day, 90 mile, (144 km) walk across Scotland, joining Caroline Poland for a stretch of her Right to Roam, End to End walk for Palestine, raising funds for projects in Gaza.