OPEN UP - art exhibition, first weekend

We have had a fantastic three days, with hundreds (literally!) of visitors coming to the Meeting House, to look round at the art and crafts on display. Most visitors come to us and then along the road to the Cathedral (or vice versa) which is also hosting a number of artists and craftspeople. We have one artist showing large handwoven rugs/wall-hangings in our lower ground floor, then upstairs there is actually a total of 16 different artist showing work.
The work on show includes paintings, drawings, ceramics, weaving, tapestry, knitting and an installation. Several of the artists are demonstrating their skills so you can actually see how the knitting, or weaving, or tapestry, or calligraphy is done. Nearly all the artists are around to talk about their work.
We are also offering refreshments (tea/coffee and cake – mostly home-made!), with a voluntary donation, which will go towards one of our favourite local projects, CRESST.

  • CRESST — Conflict Resolution Education in Sheffield Schools Training. CRESST helps children and young people learn conflict resolution skills that can be used in their schools and communities. CRESST was originally set up as a project of Sheffield Central Meeting using legacy money. Now an independent charity, CRESST retains strong links to Sheffield Quakers through its trustees and volunteers.

We are open again next weekend, 11 – 5pm on Saturday 7th May and 12.30 – 5pm on Sunday 8th May.