Hourly rates available for short notice bookings

Our normal structure of room booking is per ‘session’, ie a morning, afternoon, or evening session.

However, we are now also offering the possibility of booking rooms for one or two hour slots only at any time of the day between 8.30am and 9pm, if it is a booking at short notice. (ie. less than 2 weeks). This applies only to those paying the standard rate. The hourly prices for our rooms are as follows:

Main Meeting Room £35.00 (seats up to 100)
Room 1 £29.00
Room 2 £20.00
Room 3 £14.00
Room 4 £23.00

This offers more flexibility for our customers. Check out the whole range of possibilities for room bookings by ringing the office. Discuss your specific needs. We do our best to meet them.