Open Up at the Quaker Meeting House for children as well


Our friend Sam Galbraith will be organizing events for children (and the child in all of us) on both Saturdays and Sundays, 2-4pm:

Sat 5th May – 2pm till 4pm “ Butterflies” workshop in basement for children and their adults

Sun 6th May – 2pm till 4pm “Symbol for Play” -individuals and children can come and draw or paint a symbol that explores a past sense of play and then strengthens and explores that symbol in the context of the present day in order to re-inspire a sense of play in our lives. Also in the basement.

Sat 12th May – 2pm till 4pm “Quick Sketch Portraits” in the library – some and have your portrait done or practice spontaneous portrait drawing with artist, Illustrator and Playworker Sam Galbraith.

Sun 13th May – 2pm till 4pm “Designs for Doublejoy” adults and children can help do some designs for cards to raise money for Doublejoy charity.

Also note that on the Sundays there will be space for bring and share lunch, so you can stay on after Meeting for Worship.