Online Threshing about our Meeting House financial situation


Following on from the Threshing Meeting last Sunday on our Meeting’s financial situation, it is important that we engage as much as we can in the process of discerning the way forward for our Meeting by having conversations and discussions with one-another and sharing information and ideas.

There is now an opportunity to engage in discussion and sharing online, using our new website discussion area. You can post ideas, comment on ideas from others, add information and so on, all private to Sheffield Quakers only. This does not replace face-to-face conversations and sharing, but we hope that this new technology will facilitate the discernment process, which will include further threshing meetings and workshops at the Meeting House.

I you would like to do this, you need to register with the website, which you can do from the home page here:, in the bottom right hand corner (scroll down a bit).

Once registered you can login in from the same place and join in the conversation here:

If this is not for you, rest assured that information from this online conversation will be posted on these Quaker Events emails and in SQN, so you can still share the information face-to-face, by telephone or email as you please. Also, contributions to the discussion from elsewhere – in SQN, posted by email or whatever, will be forwarded to the website discussion area as well.

If you do register on the website, as well as being able to particpate in this and other conversations, you will see an increasing amount of resources for the use of the meeting, which in the past has only been distributed or made available on paper.

Here are links to information from the Threshing meeting posted so far:
Ideas from Robert Daines: