Threshing meeting on our Meeting House and Business: Sun 1st April


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Our Meeting for Worship for Business on Sunday 1st April will consist mainly of a ‘Threshing Meeting’ to consider the future of the lettings business in our Meeting house, and how we want the Meeting House to be used and paid for, without the need to arrive at any decisions. Notes on our financial situation and possible future options put forward by Management Committee may be found here:

“A threshing Meeting is a meeting for worship at which a variety of different, and sometimes controversial, opinions can be openly, and sometimes forcefully, expressed, often in order to defuse a situation before a
later meeting for worship for business.” Notes on conducting a threshing meeting can be found here:

It is vitally important that we come to such a meeting with ‘hearts and minds prepared’, by reading the material linked to above and discussing it with other friends beforehand.

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