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Sheffield Quaker News and Sheffield and Balby Bulletin by email service

SQN and BB June 2012


Here are the links to the June Editions of both Sheffield Quaker News and Sheffield and Balby Bulletin.

Sheffield Quaker News and Balby Bulletin May 2012

SQN April 2012

SQN and BB 2012


As a result of improved security on the Sheffield Quakers website, you can no longer access the copies of SQN and BB that were linked to rather than attached.

In case you missed any, or are relying on accessing the online copy, here are all the new links for SQN and BB so far this year:

Sheffield and Balby Bulletin March 2012

Click here for the March edition of Sheffield and Balby Bulletin:

There is a text only version here:

SQN March 2012


Sheffield Quaker News for March 2012 can be found here:

plain text version here:

SQN and BB are now delivered through the website, with a link rather than as an attachment. If you have any problmes accessing the doucment, pleas let me know at gordon.ferguson@phonecoop.coop.