Quaker Events

Area Meeting for Worship for Business, Thur 12th July, Sheffield


The Area Meeting for Worship for Business for July is at Sheffield Central Meeting House this Thursday, 12th July at 7.15pm. tea is provided beforehand from 6pm.

Draft agenda:

1. Representatives to Area Meeting
2. Representatives to Quakers in Yorkshire
3. Membership matters
4. Civil Partnerships
5. Marriage
6. Woodbrooke Conference – ‘Including Everyone’: Report – see attached below
7. Ekta Parishad – March for Justice 2012 (http://ektaparishad.com/)
8. Meeting for Sufferings report
9. JYM 2013
10. Nominations and Appointments
11. Data protection

Fixing our Broken Economy - Thur. July 5th, 7:30pm QMH


You are invited to a talk “Fixing our Broken Economy” on Thursday July 5th
7:30pm Quaker Meeting House (St James St – near the Cathedral) (map http://goo.gl/maps/ZVD6)

We have over 2.5 million unemployed, and we have empty factories, offices and shops – everything we need in fact to produce the goods and services society needs. Yet the economy seems to be unable to produce enough real wealth for lack of money.

Where does money come from? Who creates it? And what are the implications for our failing economy?

News and Notices June 24th

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with excellent speaker Patrick Mulvany of Practical Action. For more on Food Sovereignty click here:
For more on Food… as if people and the planet mattered, click here:

New weekday Experiment with Light meditation time slot


Starting in July 2012, the weekday Experiment with Light meditation will be on Monday at 12 noon.

So the first meeting will be on Monday 2 July.

The agenda is as follows:
1200-1215 Introductions
1215-1245 Guided meditation
1245-1300 Reflection
1300-1400 Tea & conversation

Discovering the Riches of our Community - Sunday 24th June 1-4pm


Oh dear the weather forecast for Sunday isn’t very good. So perhaps if you were thinking about spending time in the garden or going for a walk you could come to our workshop instead.

Discovering the Riches of our Community - Sunday 24th June 1-4pm


Discovering the Riches of our Community – Sunday 24th June 1-4pm

What talents and riches are there in our Quaker community in Sheffield?
And how can we use them to help with our financial difficulties?
How would you divide the priority pie?

We want to give Friends, of all ages, a chance to think about the challenges facing the Meeting in a creative
way; to have a fun afternoon, but do some hard thinking about viable ways to overcome our current difficulties.

Come along and share your ideas and listen to everyone else’s.
We’ll be poorer without you.

Photo Board at the Meeting House


We still hope to complete the project of a photo board
showing all (or most) of us. Elders and Overseers are displayed
upstairs, but for the rest of us putting names to faces will be a lot easier using this board.

In tune with our testimony of equality, let’s all have a
photo displayed! Rather than us taking your photo, please supply one,
that you yourself like.

You can do this by emailing it to
ljkerrsheff@gmail.com or faith.rodger@gmail.com. Or putting an actual
photo in Faith Rodger’s or Laura Kerr’s envelope.

Sheffield Quakers handbook


The latest edition of Sheffield Quakers handbook is now
available, hot off the press – see link below. A thorough guide to all you need to know
about how the meeting is organised, who does what, etc. Invaluable for
people who are fairly new to meeting but also very helpful for
everyone else too.

There is a loose ‘insert’ with the names of people
currently in official roles and on the various committees. This is
reprinted every year to reflect new appointments.

In the interests of economy and environment, we are encouraging you to